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Working at the Forest Centre

We have a small friendly office team based at the Forest Centre in Wych Cross, Forest Row. 

We occasionally advertise administration, commercial, finance, education, fundraising and business support roles.

The office supports day-to-day operations on the Forest including arranging meetings, coordinating management information, bye-law breaches, permits, licencing, retail sales, the Information Centre and our Education Programme.  The Office also supports the Natural England funded Countryside Stewardship (conservation) programme and all the Volunteers working on the Forest.


Ranger & Conservation Jobs

With only a small team of Rangers on Ashdown Forest the competition for any vacancy is very strong, and it is important applicants give themselves the best chance of success!

As a minimum we would require a chainsaw qualification and some form of land management qualification.

Advice on how to get these, and other relevant qualifications, can be sought from local agricultural colleges at Hadlow, Wye and Plumpton. These colleges have frequent open days that applicants might find helpful.

Another factor we take into account is experience and applicants may find it beneficial to do some conservation volunteering, either with us (see the volunteering page) or with similar organisations.

Please do not send us CVs we no longer keep them on file as vacancies are so infrequent.


Visit our staff page to meet the Ashdown Forest team.


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