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There are 730 Commoners of Ashdown Forest, however, there are many more non-Commoner residents some of whom have an access tracks that cross the Forest to reach their properties or who share boundaries with the Forest. There are also numerous small businesses. Equally there are many, many individuals who simply live in the area and who have no regular contact with us.

Forest residents who have an access track (and who should have a perpetual licence) will receive an annual communication 'Ashdown Forest Life' once a year with their licence demand. All Forest residents are warmly invited to sign up to our e-news service, Twitter or Facebook. There is also an Annual Meeting for residents to allow them to ask questions about the Forest and what the Board of Conservators and the staff do. All these methods will help you keep in touch with what is going on out on the Forest and alert you to any events at the Forest Centre or other important news. Dog walkers may find the e-news 'Sheep Alert' useful as this will inform you of flock movements. Riders are invited to join their own news service when they apply for their riding permit.

To learn more about Access to property and Perpetual Licences see the link below...

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Deposit Licences

Deposit licences are for materials left on the Forest during building work...

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Charges in Context

To put the Board's perpetual licence and the associated charges into context...

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