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All commercial activities that take place on Ashdown Forest require a licence and this includes Fitness Training.

The Outdoor Fitness Licence has a scale of charges depending on the number of clients with a maximum of six (6) training session per week.

The outdoor fitness application form can be found here.

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Licence Type (fee):

  1. Personal Fitness Licence (2 or less clients)  £120.00 p.a.
  2. Group Fitness Licence (3-10 clients)  £240.00 p.a.
  3. Group Fitness Licence (11-20 clients)  £360.00 p.a.

The conditions of the licence are as follows:

The Conservators of Ashdown Forest reserve the right to suspend permits for breach of the Fitness Regulations.  Permit badges must be displayed while training where it can be seen easily by Forest Rangers.  Any Personal Trainer found not to be displaying a permit will be asked to leave the Forest.

You will need to provide electronic copies of the following documents for your application to be processed:

  • Evidence of Public Liability Insurance £5m
  • Evidence of Fitness Qualifications and REPS level 3 status or equivalent
  • A sample of your PAR-Q (Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire).
  • A signed and dated Risk Assessment to cover your sessions
  • A brief written policy on your emergency procedures (First Aid, Accident Reporting)

When submitting each of the above documents, please ensure that your business name is clearly stated in each file name.

Training is permitted on:

  • Grassland
  • Fire breaks – these are the unmarked tracks across the Forest, cut and maintained to a width of more than 9 metres (30 feet).



  • Help protect the Forest by varying your location, by avoiding wet and badly eroded areas, by keeping to the permitted fire breaks and tracks and by keeping out of the sensitive heather areas;
  • Be aware of the rough and sometimes slippery nature of the terrain and remember that drainage ditches cross tracks;
  • Be considerate and courteous to all other Forest users and give dog walkers time to put their dogs on the lead;
  • Report all incidents as detailed below or any matter that you feel is worrying or important;
  • Encourage other fitness trainers to follow this Code of Conduct and obey the Training Regulations;



  • No large items of keep fit equipment shall be used on the Authority’s land other than hand held equipment e.g. Jogging weights, Kettle bells, and Resistance bands.
  • Any park structures including trees and furniture must not be used for training purposes.


Forest “No Go” Activities:

The following activities are not to be conducted by Personal Trainers / Group Licensee’s:

  • Amplified music or audio equipment, whistles and loud shouting or other intrusive noise-generating activities.
  • Aggressive, intimidating or unreasonably noisy training activities that interferes with the comfort of other visitors.
  • Use of objects that mark out an area to imply exclusive use.


You may not train:

  • on heathland unless on one of the above fire-breaks or tracks
  • on footpaths or any unmarked narrow track
  • on car parks
  • on tracks and roads leading to private properties or the fire breaks surrounding private properties
  • on recreation grounds or on the Royal Ashdown Forest Golf Club courses
  • on grazing areas close to livestock
  • in streams and ponds
  • on the Authority’s Property for example benches, tables, trees, gates, bridges, sign posts, lamp posts etc


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