dogs on leads

All commercial activities that take place on Ashdown Forest require a licence and this includes professional dog walking. The licence has an annual charge of £120 and an application form can be found here.

The licence permits up to 6 dogs to be walked at any one time. The conditions of the licence are as follows:


1.         Dogs must be under effective control at all times and placed on leads when in the grazing area or in close proximity of grazing sheep on other parts of Ashdown Forest.

2.         Dogs must be placed on leads when in close proximity to horse riders and young children.

3.         Dog faeces should be bagged and removed from the Forest when deposits are made within 200 yards of Forest car parks on picnic areas and Forest paths

4.         The duty Ranger should be informed immediately if a dog escapes from control.

5.         No wheeled vehicle may be taken out of the car park onto Ashdown Forest.

6.         Public Liability insurance copy must be provided for the Conservators’ records.

7.         Dogs should be fully vaccinated and wormed.


Please email the office on [email protected] if you have any questions regarding commercial dog walking on Ashdown Forest.

Approved Ashdown Forest Commerical Dog Walkers are below.

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