Commoners sheep and cattle are normally grazed on the South Chase between April and mid-November. The animals are not fenced in and are free to roam. The Crowborough Road between Duddleswell and Nutley crosses the South Chase so animals will be on this road at times.

In the spring/summer a number of enclosures are erected on the Forest which are used for grazing the Conservators' livestock - Hebridean sheep, Riggit Galloway Cattle, Welsh and Exmoor Ponies. The enclosures which are in use change throughout the year.

Livestock Map

You can now download a Grazing Map of Ashdown Forest for a £2.00 donation. The map is updated with each new enclosure (electric fencing), so you can find our livestock or avoid them. Once you have downloaded the map, you will receive each update free of charge by email.

Grazing Map of Ashdown Forest 2020 (£2.00 Donation): DOWNLOAD


Exmoor Ponies

Exmoor Pony

Welsh Ponies

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Hebridean Sheep

Hebridean Sheep

Riggit Galloway Cattle

Riggit Galloway Cattle


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