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Walk 1. Pooh Walks from Gills Lap

These two walks take you to some of the sites of Pooh's adventures. They can be joined together to make a longer walk. There are some nice picnic spots along the way. It is a short walk of 1 km that can be extended to a longer walk of 3.25 km.

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Walk 2. Southern Slopes and the Airman's Grave

A walk with great views to the South Downs via the memorial to the crew of a WWII plane. Roughly 3.25 km with a long downhill slope (and climb back).

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Walk 3. Chelwood Vachery

This walk descends into the valley of the Millbrook stream to the Chelwood Vachery Garden and Braeberry ponds. In the spring and summer there are species of rhododendron, under a canopy of mature trees such as ornamental red oaks, maples and juneberry. There is a 'gorge' made from limestone brought from Cheddar Gorge. The walk also takes in views over open heathland towards the South Downs. This walk is 4.25 km with some steep slippery slopes. Due to copyright issues this map is only available from the Forest Centre.

Walk 4. Tabell Ghyll

A lovely walk that starts with great views to the north and descends, across some lovely heathland, to a wooded stream-lined valley. There are stands of fine large beech trees and some sweet chestnut coppice. It is about 3 km with some gentle slopes.

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Walk 5. Old Airstrip

An unusual level walk that explores the largest heathland block on the west side of the Forest. This area was heavily used by the military in WWII leaving a legacy of an airstrip and a very valuable wildlife habitat. There are one or two easy slopes and a flat area along the airstrip (this portion of the route is prone to being very wet after rain). This walk is 4 km. From Long car park the route is suitable for sturdy prams and wheelchairs. Due to copyright issues this map is only available from the Forest Centre.

Walk 6. Broadstone Amble

Our most popular walk as it starts from the Forest Centre and takes in heathland, streams and woodland along with fine views to the North Downs. This walk has way marks and is 3 km. There is one very steep slope and the return is a long but gentle climb. This area is used extensively by school children for field trips so PLEASE clean up after your dog.

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Walk 7. The Eastern Clumps

Two walks through open heathland that begin at one of the Forest's iconic hill-top clumps. This area has evidence of diverse human uses over the last 2,000 years from pre-Roman occupation to the Cold War. Two short walks of 2.2 km or 3.5 km. Due to copyright issues this map is only available from the Forest Centre.

Walk 8. Walk Amongst Friends

A circular walk from Friend's Clump taking in lovely open views, heathland and wooded streams. The route passes the historical Nutley Windmill, Millbrook Valley and Old Lodge. A walk of 2.8 km with some steep climbs and slopes.

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Walk 9. Hindleap Walk

A circular walk that takes in some of the medieval rabbit warrens, some secluded woodland and peaceful open heathland. A walk of 2.3 km with one steep climb and slope.

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Walk 10. Walk Beyond the Pale

A walk from the Goat car park through heathland and woodland. The route crosses the Medway, passes the Millennium Redwood and takes you close to a good section of the medieval Pale. A walk of 3.8 km. There are some climbs and slopes.

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Walk 11. Chelwood Gate - Archaeology Walk

This is the first of three archaeology walks. A challenging and difficult circular walk over heather-clad heathland and through woodland taking in splendid views across to the South Downs. The shorter option takes in the Pale, pillow mounds and boundary ditches. The longer option takes in a stone bridge and quarrying activity. Short version of the route is 2.4km or a longer 4.8km. This is a walk NOT for the faint hearted!

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Walk 12. Tabell Ghyll - Archaeology Walk

The second of our archaeology walks takes in a wooded stream-lined valley. There are stands of fine large beech trees and some sweet chestnut coppice. This route highlights pillow mounds, a possible saw-pit, routeways and hollow ways. About 4 km.

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Walk 13. The Military on the Forest - Archaeology Walk

The third, and final, archaeology walk has some steep uphill sections over heather clad heathland with splendid views across the central part of the Forest. This route highlights WW1 trenches, WW2 slit trenches and firing ranges, some 18th century field kitchens and a section of Roman road. About 6 km.

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