Riding is by permit only – annual (from 1st April - 31st March), six-month winter (from 30th September - 31st March) or a day permit.

Riding Permits are issued per horse rather than per person and every horse must display a riding badge every time it goes out onto the Forest.

All riders who share a horse, for whatever reason, must be listed as 'other authorised riders' on the application form. Stable hands, grooms or friends who exercise the horse on the owner's behalf and others who ride the horse with the owner's permission must also be listed under 'other authorised riders'. This is to help us should a rider have an accident – permit badges have made it possible to track the owner of riderless horses and facilitate rescue by the emergency services to riders on the ground.

Horses and ponies that are being lead must also have a valid permit.

Please do not share your badge(s) with any one else – it could lead to confusion if there was an accident.

All permitted riders must have £5million third party public liability insurance to adhere to the Riding Regulations and the 'Riders Code of Conduct'. This may come with your membership to various equine associations and clubs.

The Conservators of Ashdown Forest reserve the right to suspend permits for breaches of the riding regulations. Any rider found not to be displaying a permit may be asked to leave the Forest.

Riders must always display their permit badge on the horse where it can be seen easily by Forest Rangers (e.g. on the near side of the bridle). It is in rider's own interest to do so as permit badges have made it possible to track the owner of riderless horses and make it easier for the Rangers and volunteers to go about their duties.

Riding without written permission may invalidate any insurance you may have.


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Apply for an Annual Riding Permit

Application forms for annual permits can be downloaded here....

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Renewing an Annual Riding Permit

If you are renewing your permit please remember to return your old badge...

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