There are several livery yards across the Forest from yards with just a few horses to very many. Owners of livery yards must apply for a livery yard licence. This is because a livery yard is using the Forest for commercial purposes – and such activities need to be licenced.

Livery yard owners must ensure that all riders who use the yard have their own personal permit badges and that badges are not shared out amongst yard users. Livery yard owners must not purchase extra badges that they loan out to yard users.

Records of horse owners using the yard must be kept and maintained ready for inspection by Forest Rangers who have a right to do so.


Riding establishments

A riding establishment is a yard that leads hacks, consisting of several horses, out onto the Forest. There are only four riding establishments permitted on Ashdown Forest. Licences are required because riding establishments are using the Forest for commercial purposes.

The maximum number of horses allowed at any establishment is 12 and a fee is charged per horse. This is detailed on the application form.

For every three permits taken out the establishment will receive one coloured Instructor's/Leader's badge. The names of Instructors/Leaders must be submitted to the Conservators at the time of the application and any changes during the year must be notified, and only those so authorised may act in that capacity at any time.

All rides must be accompanied by an Instructor/Leader with an establishment badge. The Instructor/Leader must be familiar with and adhere to the riding regulations and the code of conduct.

The establishment must keep a Riding Book listing the rides taken onto the Forest including the date and time of the ride, the number of horses taken out and the name of the Instructor/Leader in charge.

The Instructor's/Leader's badges must only be used by an Instructor/Leader taking the ride.

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