Recreation of English village in 1642

An brand new introductory leaflet to the archaeology of the Forest an be found here. This is an accompaniment to the film which is on the archaeology page of this site. You can also take three archaeology walks - just follow the link to the Walking pages.

Professor Brian Short, of Sussex University, has written many books on the history and landscape of Sussex and currently teaches courses about the historical communities of Ashdown Forest. His book ‘The Ashdown Forest Dispute’ covers the Commoner’s dispute of the late Victorian period. Professor Short often teaches his courses at the Forest Centre.

The colour booklet ‘Ashdown Forest an Illustrated Guide’ by Prendergast and Glyn is a useful introductory guide that contains a wealth of detail and information. This is avalable from the Forest Centre.

Ashdown Forest’ by Garth Christian, first published in 1976, is now sadly out of print, remains one of the most popular books about the Forest. Copies are sometimes available second hand and a worth picking up.

Wikipedia’ the online encyclopaedia has an excellent section on Ashdown Forest written and edited by one of our Information Barn volunteers.

There is an excellent website dedicated to the History, Genealogy and Topography of the Weald with a great deal of information and illustrations.

Three Subsidy Rolls are available in a transcribed format on line and the late 19th to early 20th century Ashdown Forest Minute Books are available in a searchable format.

There is a huge amount of internet material on Forest Law and for those interested in the surrounding communities Domesday is now fully searchable online.

Wealden Iron Research Group website at can be found at

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